Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thing 1 Still Blogging

Have taken a look at everything you’ve ever wanted to knowabout library blogs and blogging! By thewikiman. He talks about taking control of your online presence, indicating that it may be something used by prospective employers to screen employees and suggests using the tool Personas to get an idea of what online presence your name has.

Well, according to Persona –I am a minor aggressive musical book reader who likes to share, possibly via committees; do a bit of management of illegal medical news (illegal higher than books, really!); slightly fashionably famous for religion and genealogy, mainly involved in teaching sport online (is that possible?).

It may disappoint you (or not) to know that much of this is nonsense about me… mostly… I’ll own up to the books, genealogy and medical. But maybe there is a Cheryl out there somewhere who fits this perfectly and good luck to her.

We don’t how this information has been trawled, what algorithms have been applied, whether there is any agenda – is there an online sports teacher paying for advertising space? Somehow putting your own presence out there and being in control of it (is that possible?) may mitigate any potential damage.

I’m sure that our online presence is as multi-faceted as our offline lives and I’m not sure that everything would go into a job application form. While I appreciate that demonstrating social media skills are appropriate, even essential, for some job applications, I wouldn’t like to be the personnel officer trying to justify a recruitment decision based on social networking searches.

I think I need to work on my profile.

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