Monday, 25 June 2012

Thing 9 Evernote

The topic for thing 9 is another organising tool – Evernote.

This is intended to allow you to gather together a range of items whether from your own notes to entire websites. So you can mix you own thoughts, documents, images and Internet links in one folder, giving you a more rounded collection of information than might be gathered say in a book-marking tool. This sounds good to me. I’m always emailing myself bits of information and have various “ideas” documents on the go – this sounds like a good way to keep info together whatever the format.

The problem for me was that it wasn’t available within the cloud and that you needed to download an element for it to work. This downloadable element was required on every device that you wanted to use Evernote with. I’m not entirely sure where your information was being stored but the details from the various devices were supposedly synchronised.
I work in a hot-desk environment so I don’t think that downloading the software on to up to 5 computers shared by a number of staff is a viable thing for me to do. People sometimes delete things that they don’t recognise.

By the way I inadvertently added something via the web login (ie where the software wasn’t installed) and it did then synchronise this with rest of my folder held on a PC with the software installed, though I wasn’t able to see my previous items from the web login. Not sure what is going on or whether this is supposed to happen. I can’t decide whether to persevere a little longer with this tool. I am tempted...

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