Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Thing 18 – Jing / screen capture / podcasts

Thing 18 is looking at multimedia tools.


Jing is a screen-capture tool, allowing you to create videos of on-screen activity.


We actually use ScreenR for this. It is a similar tool but you don’t need to download any elements. You can see some examples on our YouTube channel. We are creating these as part of our etutorial presentations. You do have to be well prepared before starting to record – what to say, the order to demonstrate something; and if you have to restart more than 4 times, do it another day.
I often just use an image editing tool to capture single screenshots and add additional elements.


The only time I have used podcasting was when I signed up for a radio 2 series of programmes. But I don’t think that this medium suits me – I don’t tend to listen to radio programmes.
I haven’t created stand-alone audio elements. It is something that I have often thought about – creating an audio tour of the library for example (similar to tours used in museums) but I’m not sure how popular they would be. Has anyone done this successfully? It always feels like the visual element is required these days.


I have used audacity frequently to create the audio element of our etutorials. We incorporate the audio files created into mediator which we use to create the flash-based tutorials.


Over the past year I have experimented with a number of tools to create multi-media elements to use in the etutorials that we have been developing. It has been a steep learning curve and I’m sure that there are many improvements to be made but everyone has to start somewhere.

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