Monday, 11 June 2012

Thing 6 Online Networks

Thing 6 is looking at online networks.


As mentioned previously I've been on Twitter as @libcheryl for a while now. This is in a professional capacity, linked to my current role. I mainly use it for current awareness and passing on relevant re-tweets to do with health, medicine, nursing and midwifery or librarianship. I haven't really found it to be a conversational place and the only question I asked was ignored.


I've been on linked in now for a few years. I find that the groups are really useful - you can post questions and most seem to get some sort of response. It is also helpful to lurk - you can pick up lots of interesting bits of information. I've recently noticed that more spam posts appear to be posted which is starting to annoy. The email updates are also getting repetitive though maybe I need to investigate my settings more here.
In terms of contacts I have mainly re-connected with former colleagues. I'm not sure of the etiquette of making contacts. The advice seems to be don't connect with people you don't know but then surely the point is to build up a new network. A work in progress I think.


I have 2 Facebook accounts - one is personal for family and friends whilst the other is used to admin our library Facebook page. We decided to set up a library page so that we had a presence in the largest and most likely used network. We have linked in our blog so that entries get posted automatically and we also add any news about new resources. 


I had not heard of the other networks mentioned:
LISNPN - not sure how active this is, there seemed to be few replies to some of the forum posts despite lots of views
Librarians as Teachers - doesn't apply
Cilip Communities - hadn't heard of these despite being a cilip member, and I'm registered on the site too.


At the moment I find Linked IN most useful for connecting with other professionals via the groups. Twitter is most helpful to me as a current awareness tool. Facebook is either purely personal or used to connect with our user groups. I'm not sure how much I can expand on my use of networks - there is only so much time in the day.

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