Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Thing 7 Real-Life Networks

Thing 7 is looking at real-life networks.
The idea of “networking” sometimes seems a little insincere and too much like the old boys’ club to me. The notion that you need a little notebook of introductory phrases with details of your “networkees’” latest project, son’s a level results or previous holiday location seems a little… icky!
I am a member of Cilip and have been since starting my MA back in 2003. Following graduation I got quite excited about chartership, attended various workshops and started gathering my evidence. However I didn’t really start the process and now I’m not terribly motivated to re-start. I’ve managed to keep my skills up-to-date and have a positive attitude to learning new things and training without it. 
I’ve started to wonder if it is worth continuing with Cilip. It still seems to be focused on public libraries and is very London-centric. I’m not really clear whether I’m getting enough for my money.
I tend to attend workshops, training events and “networking” opportunities less and less these days – perhaps the availability of information online and online networks means I don’t have to so much?

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  1. Your comments about Cilip echo my own feelings and why I stopped subscribing, I thought it was down to my own inadequacies, perhaps they need to think about who/how/what they are about?